Big Bearded Bookseller
29th January 2020

Once more

By BigBeardedBookseller

Big Bearded Bookseller

Big Bearded Bookseller

So finally decided on where my book reviews, cover pics, literary life, and other musing book-wise is going to be, I thought of using the hashtag #BigBeardedBookseller for when I post on Waterstones Twitter so people knew who was posting.

Less than 24 hours after thinking about this I had to have the website and its own Twitter and Instagram accounts are already set up and raring to go.

If you’ve followed me in my bookish travels you may just have seen some of these reviews before, but I’m going to be interspersing newer ones between the older ones.

Lots of book chat, book pictures and general bookishness to follow.

Probably photographs of cats as well, and food.



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