Moody Bookshop
Moody Bookshop
Moody Bookshop

As you may or may not know, opening a children’s bookshop is a wee bit of a dream of mine, and to that end I’m just going to dump ideas and thoughts on this post to keep track of my ideas before expanding each elsewhere.

    • premises – suitable size and central – what sq ftg needed?
  • shopfitting
  • getting authors in
  • displays
  • events/book clubs
  • annual diary, international/national days/weeks, birthdays, death days
  • publishers/distributors – get list of contacts – also RP
  • Reps?
  • cash registers / point of sale / cc machine
  • business bank account
  • initial stock / core stock
  • sole trader / Ltd?
  • safe
  • solicitor/accountant
  • annual insurance
  • 30 day invoice terms
  • epos, which one?
  • contact Gardners/Bertrams re. account
  • staffing regulations
  • how much for minimum finance over two years for renting/buying
  • kickstart/crowdfunding and possible rewards (Patreon and Ko-Fi?)
  • Darlo?
  • small van for external events
  • incoming tenant legal fees
  • mailing list / newsletter
  • bookmarks/cards/bags/book plates?
  • podcast/reviews?
  • IKEA for internal fittings? wooden book dumps mix and match
  • music system and licensing
  • try and get 6 months funding to give a grace period
  • small business advisor
  • primary hour once a week? open late once a week for a primary class to browse/storytime
  • regular school visits?
  • cafe?
  • annual book membership? benefits?
  • cloth bags and paper bags / source/price
  • what licenses are needed?
  • initial stock?
  • encourage local authors
  • community activity space?
  • logo/signs/letterhead


Things a bookshop does:

  • orders books
  • book search
  • pre-orders
  • community involvement
  • events
  • campaigns
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