The Secret Lives of Colour
Kassia St Clair. John Murray Press. (336p) ISBN 9781473630833
The Secret Lives of Colour
The Secret Lives of Colour

I bought The Secret Lives of Colour as I loved the cover and I’ve already got several book on the science and psychology of colour.

The book begins with a survey of the history of colour, it socioeconomic and political uses and limitations, existing information that is nicely wrapped up and gives a good introduction to the central part of the book which is to follow individual colours through time, development and use.

Colours are grouped in general families, browns, reds, etc. then several shades of the colour are chosen to be written about.

The thing I loved about this book was how it’s the perfect bedside book, dipping into a chapter each night before sleep catches up with me. Each chapter is fascinating and as vivid as the colours being described.

This is another keeper for me which I keep dipping back into now and again.

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