Tilly and the Time Machine
Tilly and the Time Machine

Tilly lives with her father, mum died a while back and Tilly’s perfect day would be to see her mum again. Dad is a sort of distracted, mad scientist, as all fathers in fiction are, or at least should be. Deemed too ‘mad’ for the government department that he worked for he was let go.

So working from home Tilly’s dad makes a time machine, and is really excited but there is a problem and he is sent through time. This means Tilly has to go on adventures to find him and bring him back.

She travels through various times in the past, just missing her dad as the adventures roll on, but the government department also wants to get hold of Tilly’s dad.

Tilly and the Time Machine is a wonderful book with lots of fun adventures and so well written, looking forward to further adventures from Tilly.

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