Mug and Dripper
Bella Vista
Bella Vista

One of the things I really didn’t think I would miss during #lockdown was coffee, I didn’t drink any at home and was mainly a tea drinker elsewhere but would occasionally buy a coffee from Echo 3 Coffee House and Roastery in town.

So, there was I thinking that there was no problems, but three weeks into lockdown and I was gagging for a cup of coffee but didn’t want to buy a pod machine.

After a lot (got a bit obsessive about it really) of research I settled on the idea of a coffee dripper, more specifically a Hario V60. Again doing a lot of research I settled on the starter set from Pact Coffee which gives a plastic V60, a few smallish pouches of coffee from different producers, and some coffee filters. This all seemed great, and was, but…

Once I used the plastic V60 for a while I really wanted to get a ceramic one, mainly an aesthetic choice as the plastic one worked well enough.

All of the tester coffees included in the starter pack were great, great enough that I now have a monthly subscription for a micro-lot pack, the smallest of farmers.

The first pack was Colombian Bella Vista, a nice strongish brew with loads of citrus tones.

Mug and Dripper
Mug and Dripper
Now that I had sorted out the coffee and a way of making it the next part was slightly harder, finding the perfect mug…

Weirdly I like having a different mug for different drinks and have one for morning tea, ovaltine, evening tea, but not for coffee, I ordered a mug online which though it is absolutely beautiful was not quite right (but is now my daytime herbal infusion mug 😉 ).

I thought I would have to wait for months until craft fairs had reopened and was a bit huffy about it, but thankfully Oswell’s in Barnard Castle opened and I was able to get a beautiful mug that was perfect.

Three months to drink a cup of coffee that I really enjoyed.

Now to get the perfect recipe for cinnamon rolls.

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