Battle of the Beetles

M.G. Leonard. Chicken House. (320p) ISBN 9781910002780

Battle of the Beetles

Battle of the Beetles

There was such a wait for Battle of the Beetles, the final book in the trilogy, it was sooooo long, really looooong.

The wait was well worth it though as we follow, Darkus, Victoria and Bertolt in their quest to foil Lucretia’s plans for world domination using FrankenBeetles, genetically-enhanced and super-intelligent beetles, whilst completing her own transformation.

The quest takes the friends (and Uncle Max of course) around the world, trying to enlist help, but finally they have to face Lucretia alone in upper-Equador to help Darkus’ dad and Lucretia’s daughter, save the world from famine and devastation, and finally face Lucretia.

All our other favourite characters make an appearance along with some new ones, one is especially carnivorous!

Again M.G. Leonard’s love of beetles shines through and her writing is so fast-paced with never a let up that this book was read in one sitting (there were a couple of breaks for tea and other natural things).

A fantastically exciting adventure, a great finale!

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