July, like June has pretty much been a bust for me when it comes to reading fiction, could also say the same for non-fiction.

I started so many books and just couldn’t get past page 20, so many good books as well. I know it’s me and I know I’ll get back to reading at some point.

It does mean I’ve been able to dive into working on the various blogs I run and getting a lot of in the background work done which should be showing some fruition this month; artwork going up, products being listed, blog posts being written, etc

I have however been able to read some codex and supplements for Warhammer 40000, all in preparation for the release of 9th Edition.

As I’ve posted on the 30th of July I have chosen an August TBR pile and I’m actually really looking forward to reading again and chose books I’ve had on the radar for a while.

This does mean I actually have to make time for reading rather than just mooching on social media all day whilst doing bits and bobs on websites.

I would like to read more than the six chosen but I think six is a reasonable goal to begin with.

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