Feeding Time
Feeding Time
Feeding Time
Galley Beggar Press

I got caught on Galley Beggar Press when I got a copy of Wrestliana to review.

I was blown away, and this was one of the first small indie presses I had read and the fact that they had t he freedom to publish such wonders as Wrestliana, Ducks, and Francis Plug fascinated me. They were one of the main reasons I got on the kick of supporting and bigging up independent publishers and bookshops.

I’m patiently waiting for my copy of Mordew and everything else I’m reading right now will be kicked into touch when it arrives.

– [x] Mordew
– [x] Patience
– [x] Ducks, Newburyport
– [x] Francis Plug: Writer in Residence
– [x] Lucia
– [x] Wrestliana
– [ ] Tinderbox
– [ ] We Are the End
– [ ] We That Are Young
– [ ] Forbidden Line*
– [ ] Feeding Time
– [ ] A Girl is a Half-formed Thing*
– [ ] Wrote for Luck*
– [ ] The White Goddess: an Encounter*

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