Dragon Mountain
Dragon Mountain
Dragon Mountain

One of the downsides of being on furlough last year was that I missed out on so many ARCs not getting to me, one of the upsides of furlough last year was that when I did get back to work I had a large pile of books waiting for me to read.

This was one of them! I’ve loved Katie and Kevin’s Sam Wu series and was really looking forward to reading their foray into the fabulous Realm of Middle Grade and I wasn’t disappointed.

A fabulously fast-paced adventure including dragons, super powers, friendship, and an ancient evil, Dragon Mountain has it all!

I was gripped from the start when the main character Billy was introduced along with the rest of the main cast Charlotte, Dylan, Ling-fei, and ‘Old Gold’. It follows their adventures into the Dragon Realm to save us all from the Dragon of Death and the nox-wings.

There is a strong theme of cooperation and understanding others throughout the book, and having a group of main characters so that there is someone most readers can relate to (Dylan) is important.

Dragon Mountain has done a great job setting the series up, great heroes, dastardly villains, and a series of worlds to explore make me really want to read the follow up, Dragon Legend, now.

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