Who Let the Gods Out

Maz Evans. Chicken House. (384p) ISBN 9781910655412

Who Let the Gods Out
Who Let the Gods Out
In Who Let the Gods Out, the debut novel from Maz Evans we find Elliot caring for his mum who has an undisclosed mental health problem, and finding it hard to balance everything, well after all he is only 11.

When Venus (yes, the constellation) comes down to complete a job that she really isn’t qualified, things take a turn, sometimes for the worse but sometimes for the better, at least he isn’t alone now.

A whole pantheon of gods and demons join in to make this a rip-roaring adventure with lots of laughs but also some really emotional scenes where Elliot finds himself unsure of everything.

Apart from the gods and demons, Elliot also has to deal with sneaky neighbours and smelly History teachers who are out to make his life really difficult.

One of the best scenes is when… OK I won’t give it all away but QEII shows a highly unusual skill set.

A great read at the start of a four-book series, there are another two out already and Maz is working hard on book 4 as I type. Humour and adventure for all.

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