Simply the Quest

Maz Evans. Chicken House. (384p) ISBN 9781910655511

Simply the Quest
Simply the Quest
Well, in the second book of Maz Evans series we find out that it is not only QEII that has an interesting skill set, the rest of the royal family has certain aptitudes and attitudes. Nice to know that everyone enjoys a good BBQ.

In Simply The Quest we follow Elliot in his quest for the rest of the Chaos Stones, but he has more than just Thanatos to deal with, Nyx the mother of Thanatos and Hypnos has decided it is time to intervene and she is a whole level more dangerous than anything Elliot and friends have faced before.

We also find out more about Elliot’s dad and the circumstances that have led him not to be around and this is one of the saddest parts of this instalment.

Elliot is joined by the usual gods and constellations in this adventure, but there are more heroic characters being explored throughout.

Neighbours and smelly History teachers are still around but with a devious twist.

Another emotional rollercoaster of an adventure with lots of humour and great characters.

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