Saltburn Demon
Sage, Gateshead
Sage, Gateshead

I’m never sure what to write in these areas, so here goes, I will probably add to this as I go along.

Born in 1964 in one of the rougher areas of Edinburgh, an unremarkable childhood and schooling, aiming for the dole as most of the kids in our area were and getting on with this quite nicely…

One of my first ‘jobs’ was on a Y.O.P. with a photography lab in central Edinburgh but transitioned to taking photographs for the Craigmillar Festival Society for a year or so while helping with the drama outreach programme.

Then I met a girl who was training to be a nursery nurse whilst I was training to be a doss head, kept meeting her from her training placement with under -5s earlier and earlier, going in and reading stories to kids, me with my Robert Smith hair-do as well. Eventually the head teacher said I should apply to become a nursery nurse, I think this was just to get me out of her face.

Saltburn Demon
Saltburn Demon

I then worked with children for over 30 years. Running my own nursery for a couple of years and for 20+ years I’ve worked with children on the autistic spectrum, more specifically Asperger’s Syndrome, in a residential school in North Yorkshire. Eventually it took its toll and I now work as a children’s bookseller for Waterstones.

Studied Art History with the Open University and achieved a BA Hons (Open) and this has helped me to understand my own and others artistic practices, and has helped me develop a body of photography work.

I will be showcasing my photography and other art forms, I mainly use a Canon and my iPhone now, but will be branching out into different techniques as I go along.

Group Shows

  • ‘Steel’ – 13/02/16 to 13/03/16 – Palace Arts Gallery, Redcar (Prayers of Steel)
  • New Year Show – 10/01/15 to 15/03/15 – Palace Arts Gallery, Redcar (Blue Trilogy)


  • Amateur Photographer – Photographs of Sage, Gateshead – 14/06/08 (8 images)
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