Deep Wheel Orcadia

and a round-up of what I did in August.

August hasn’t been a total bust for book reading but nowhere near as good as July, stalling a bit at the end of the month.

Even with this it has been a big hitter for 5-star reads, ‘Utterly Dark and the Face of the Deep‘, ‘Cecily‘, and ‘Igifu‘. a Middle Grade fantasy, historic fiction, and a translated short story collection, so different from each other.

This has mainly been due to me trying to get my head around the Arts Council England grant application process, thankfully I’ve had some help and an example of a successful bid from a friend to help decipher the process.

Another big eater of time this month has been working on the Independent Publisher information spreadsheet, the reason I’m thinking of making an ACE development bid.

As I said on Twitter:

The spreadsheet for the upcoming #indiepublisher directory has topped 1000 (almost added another zero there), just UK/IRL independent publishers, presses, and magazines.

It’s such a rich and varied landscape to explore, it will eventually all be on the blog.

Oh and there are reams of A4 notes, Chrome bookmarks, and other bits of info to add to the directory

Probably about the same again and the idea is to have the website a living directory updating as presses grow and disappear with the information free at this point

I also want to start listing submission windows, book releases, and any publisher events in this central space as well.

For those semi-luddites there will also be an opportunity for a monthly updated .pdf .mobi .epub version of the directory to have on your device of choice and for the complete luddites amongst us there will eventually be a twice a year print-on-demand version to scribble in and make notes.

So if you’re wondering why I’m quiet sometime it’s because I’m working away on this project which has become the main project of the several I have on the go at the minute.

and on top of all that I had some major problems with my indiebookshops email…

Now onto the books I think I’ll love coming out in October:

Case Study by Graeme Macrae Burnet

Being honest it was the cover that first drew me to this book with it’s Pelican styling, but another mystery from Graeme is always a treat.

Photography - A Feminist History
Photography – A Feminist History

Photography: A Feminist History by Emma Lewis

A look at how the development of feminist politics has been perceived, helped, and witnessed through photographs.

Treacle Walker by Alan Garner

This sounds like a really interesting mix of folkloric ideas, a new novella from the writer of ‘The Owl Service’.

The Library: A Fragile History by Andrew Pettegree & Arthur Der Weduwen

A beautifully illustrated history of libraries and the thoughts behind their development and why they are important still.

Dark Neighbourhood by Vanessa Onwuemezi

I’m always a sucker for short stories and a Fitzcarraldo collection sounds as though it would tick a lot of my boxes.

How I Became a Tree by Sumana Roy

A creative look at what it means to be human and how looking at interactions with trees and how they cope with different environments and stresses can improve our own outlook.

Deep Wheel Orcadia by Harry Joseph Giles

This sounds absolutely fascinating, a science fiction verse novel written in Orcadian (with a parallel English text), for me this is a must have.

Far from the Light of Heaven by Tade Thompson

It was in the 70s that I started a lot of my independent reading using Science Fiction, especially space opera and I’ve always had a soft spot and have enjoyed how it’s developed over the years, this sounds intriguing weaving a mystery into it at the same time.

Cosmogramma by Courttia Newland

Another short story collection this month, this time speculative and looking at a broad range of themes all with a common thread, the African diaspora.

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