Unravelling Women’s Art
P L Henderson. Aurora Metro. (280p) ISBN 9781913641153
Unravelling Women’s Art
Unravelling Women’s Art

I’d been following @womensart1 On Twitter for absolutely ages and when I saw there was a book coming out I had to grab it, so pleased I did, wonderful survey of textile arts variety and history.

The book explores various aspects of textile art, giving each area a chapter to itself, such as Identity, Fashion, and Weird and Wonderful.

It takes a time-based survey of work that has been produced in each of these broad areas then emphasises and reclaims the idea of ‘craft’ into the world of art.

I was absolutely fascinated reading from start to finish with the examples that were used to broaden the story of women’s textile art through the years and looked forward to the interview section at the end of each chapter.

After reading this book we were watching a TV programme on the V&A museum when a piece of cloth came on and I was able to identify it as Ghanaian Kente cloth, which really impressed my partner.

An important book in the study of textile art and the reclaiming of the idea of craft as an important type of art, well worth a read.

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