Wild Card

Jen Cownie and Fiona Lensvelt. Pan Macmillan. (368p) ISBN 9781529082104

Wild Card

Wild Card

I was so pleased to receive a proof copy of this book from Pan Macmillan for a couple of reasons; the first was that I was revisiting tarot and needed a good book to help me with that, and the second was that I just loved the cover!

From the beginning I was drawn in by the warmth and conversational tone of the writing, this made it a much easier read than a traditional ‘How to’ book which I had been looking at before. Jen and Fiona made this a book that you want to revisit and hold your own conversation with.

I read a card or two before going to sleep as these are nice and short sections, this really worked for me and I gradually read the whole book start to finish and it did really helped get the memory working again about card reading and how I used to read for people.

I liked how the emphasis was on the more practical side of card reading over a way of predicting the future, involving the person you’re reading for throughout and not just going off on your own mystical journey.

Each suit, card, number, position, major arcana, gets well explored and explained in a way that demystifies and explains in equal measure, and the end section on card spreads is really helpful especially for beginners.

Throughout Jen and Fiona make it clear that the tarot is nothing to fear, that with practice and commitment you can approach reading confidently and with an attitude of positivity.

The clear explanations and tone make this a great book for both beginners and practitioners and was so good I’ve now bought the hard back to stay on the shelf.

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