The Simpsons Movie (2007)

The Simpsons Movie

The Simpsons Movie

I was at a loss choosing something to watch and ran a poll on my twitter account to choose something and this came up.

I actually saw this at the cinema and I hadn’t seen it since. I can say it still holds up, so many great bits, with the classic Spider-Pig morphing into Harry Trotter, and Homer’s love for donuts being the downfall of Springfield.

I don’t think I actually realised how many film easter eggs it had in it, from Snow White to Poltergeist and all done with that wonderful knowing style that The Simpsons have. I especially loved the idyllic scene in the Alaskan cabin, and the nod to Time Machine when the family returned to Springfield.

Totally forgot that Bart started getting on with Flanders, and the interaction was perfect especially the auto-strangle response fishing on the lake. In the end though show Bart some explosives and he knows who his real father is!

Right at the end I never realised that the ambulance from the original Springfield Gorge episode was still there crashed into the tree.

Overall a fun movie, that has actually improved on the second watching due to me noticing much more than I did first time around.

The Simpsons Movie | July 27, 2007 (United States) 7.3


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