White as Witching

Katherine Buel. (268p) ISBN 9798845843753

White as Witching
White as Witching
I was so glad I asked for, and received this on NetGalley.

One of the better fairy tale retellings I’ve ever read and there has been a lot of them over the past few years, some better than others.

This pulled you in right from the start with a great pace that made you really want to find out what was going to happen next.

A beautiful story about love, justice, sacrifice, and redemption all based around various iterations of the Snow White story, and including bits from other fairy tales and mythologies thrown in for good measure.

What big eyes you have

The main character Snow, initially sets out on a traditional journey, one of hate and revenge, hardened by her experiences and memories.

This changes throughout the book until her truth is exposed and we can join her on her true journey.

An exceedingly well-paced retelling, twisting parts of what feels like old Germanic/Celtic folklore into the storytelling, especially with Herne and the depiction of the dwarves (had a bit of a feel of Wagner in there).

Kept you guessing right until the end on which path was going to be explored and tread.

and I was right about the twist in the middle though!

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