I’ve been thinking about this process for a while as it seemed more straightforward than silver-based development at home and possibly I would be able to use the loft as an area to process the chemicals and the paper as it doesn’t need the absolutes of darkness that silver-based photography requires.

The other factor is that all it needs is tap water to fix the process once the paper has been exposed to sunlight, rather than the different trays of chemicals and fixes of traditional silver-based photography.

This was taken at Middlesbrough Mela in 2012 and had sat around doing nothing like a lot of my photographs, but I thought that it would make a great black and white negative with enough contrast for the cyanotype to work well, and I love it so much it still has pride of place on my pinboard above my workspace.

So I’m going to be ordering some chemicals from Silverprint once the loft has been cleared and sorted 🙂

*update* we now have a shed not a loft, but it still needs cleaned out though I do have some chemicals and have dabbled further and I’ll now have to find somewhere else to get my chemicals as Silverprint no longer trades.

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