Ice Age
Ice Age
I’ve been gaming since the late 70s in one form or other, starting with really basic RPGs and moving on to D&D when it was established properly in the Red Box.

Over the years I’ve played many different games, RPGs, board games, miniature games, but always came back to card games as they are so portable and had tons of great art.

The games I’ve spent most time with were Magic: The Gathering and the original Legend of the Five Rings before Fantasy Flight took it over, though I have played and collected several more.

Right now though my main games are RPGs and miniature games but whenever I get a chance to play in an MTG draft I jump at it but getting to one has been so difficult recently.

This part of the blog is mainly about a few directories, trying to list all card games, rpgs, miniature games, and board games that I can find any information about. It will also be following my take up of various solo gaming systems as it continues to be hard to find groups to play with.

It will also be about my return to gaming over the next year or so starting with RPGs, solo board gaming, and some card games (even some console gaming things). There will be some old stories and such and read throughs of old gaming magazines.

Basically anything that takes my fancy.

I’ll also be linking to my Ko-Fi shop where I’ll be selling some gaming bitz, mainly for Warhammer but there could also be some card games stuff there.

Watch out for this part of the blog as it develops.

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