Cursed Under London

Gabby Hutchinson Crouch. Duckworth Books. (304p) ISBN: 9781788425032

Cursed Under London
Cursed Under London
Continuing on my journey of fantasy based romance, can’t use that single word to describe it it just feels wrong!

‘Cursed Under London’ find us in an alternative Elizabethan era (Elizabeth the First that is), and the world is inhabited by various types of the undead, dragons, and fae as well as your usual run of the mill humans. Then a new type of undead show up and smell ‘off’ and it is the story of these two, Fang and Lazare that we follow through gangland fights, befriending a dragon, and other escapades.

Fang and Lazare get ‘turned’ into whatever they are and have to find out what caused this and this leads them through Upper and Deep London getting into lots of different scrapes and developing a ragtag found family.

The ending is really well played and turned the hero/villain narrative a little bit, but the very last chapter set the Cursed series up for more high jinx of a royal nature.

This was a fun and light romp, liberally sprinkled with humour that was a nice addition to the story line, especially zombie Kit Marlowe!

In all the light humour one of the bits I did like was the inclusion of intelligent and human sized Swans and Ravens as the Royal constabulary and guard to the Tower.

I received this from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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