Bookseller Survey for Katie’s MA

Bookseller Survey

Forum Books, Corbridge
Forum Books, Corbridge

My friend and colleague, Katie is working on her MA in Publishing with Northumbria University and for her dissertation she has developed a questionnaire examining booksellers thoughts on their interactions with publishers big and small. This is a brief but interesting questionnaire but could really be helped by filling it in as thoroughly as you can. I found it easy enough to complete on my phone which was a bonus.

For my MA Publishing dissertation, I am examining how bookshops in the UK have adapted to changes within the publishing ecosystem in recent years. This survey seeks to assess the relationship between Booksellers and publishing companies, as well as analysing how bookshops operate today.

An Exploration of Traditional Bricks and Mortar Bookshops: Their Place in the Publishing Industry and the Communities They Serve

Participant information

You are invited to take part in this research study. The answers provided through this survey will be used to influence a dissertation for a Masters degree in Publishing at Northumbria University, Newcastle. Before you answer any questions, it is important for you to read the following information to ensure you understand why the study is being carried out and what it will involve.

The aim of the dissertation is to examine how bookshops have adapted to fit into the publishing ecosystem in recent years. The project will explore how bookshops have reacted to disruptors in the industry, how they provide a service for the communities they operate in, and bridge the gap between publishers and readers. This survey will be used to assess how Booksellers operate, to what extent they communicate with Publishing companies in their work, and how they feel about this relationship.

To complete this survey, participants should be currently working as a Bookseller in the UK – either in an independent bookshop or a high street chain. It is important to get as many responses to the survey as possible, to gain a more representative picture of Booksellers across the country.

Participants will be required to answer 28 questions, which will consist of a mixture of closed and open-ended questions about their role as a bookseller. Open-ended questions will allow participants to expand with further detail if they wish. The questionnaire has been piloted and will take approximately ten minutes of the participants’ time.

The risks in completing this survey are limited. No personal data will be collected beyond the participants’ general profession and any opinions they choose to provide in their answers. The researcher understands that there is a risk of detailing potentially commercially sensitive information within responses, and that opinions expressed could be conflicting with participants’ employer / work relationships. Participants should feel free to provide as much or as little detail in their answers. Regardless, all data collected will be anonymised, stored on a password-secured university computer, and destroyed one month after the completion of the project in October 2024.

By electing to participate in this study, participants have the right to withdraw their information from the study at any point and can do so by emailing the researcher at the below address. These contact details can also be used to voice any queries regarding the project, and participants can request a summary of the findings once the study has been completed in September 2024.

Bookseller Survey

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