Tarot: Library of Esoterica

ed. Jessica Hundley. Taschen. (520p) ISBN 9783836579872
Tarot: Library of Esoterica
Tarot: Library of Esoterica

I was looking in the window of Watkins Books in Cecil Court when I first saw the Library of Esoterica books and just couldn’t carry them home.

So as soon as I got the chance I just had to have them, especially the Tarot book as it is an area of my life that I’m re-exploring at the moment.

From the start I was going to use these books as something to dip in and out of and take my time with them, that didn’t happen.

As soon as I started this book I just knew that I had to read it from start to finish straight away, thankfully I was on holiday and it was raining.

I spent most of a couple of days all wrapped up in blankets with a hot drink wrapped up in this book, fascinated by the different cards from so many different decks through the ages.

All of which has tickled my collecting bug and it took all my willpower not to buy a good twenty new tarot decks over these last couple of days.

The writing that supported the art is a collection of good essays about the history and cultural significance of tarot and a rather pared down look at the meanings of the cards and suits.

All well laid out and easily understood as a good survey should be and letting the cards and their symbology tell the story.Fascinating and inspiring, left me wanting more (though I was a wee bit disappointed that my favourite deck wasn’t in there 😉 ).

Looking forward to reading the last two from the series; Astrology and Plant Magic.

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