The Emperor - Birth Card

The Emperor – Birth Card

I’ve real difficulty in writing about myself and close up very quickly whenever I start to do so.

Therefore this little bit will grow very slowly as I add more until I’m satisfied with it.

I currently work as a senior bookseller for Waterstones, but in my own time run a couple of directories; Indie Bookshops and Independent Publishers, promoting both to encourage variety in the book industry.

My time with tarot started in the early 80s in a Goth-phase when someone bought me the Thoth deck for my 18th birthday, I liked it but it never really seemed to fit.

Three years later I was reading tarot on The Mound during the Edinburgh Festival using the Thoth deck when a friend came with a new deck and told me that she felt this was much more me. This was the Sacred Rose Tarot and I’ve used this deck on and off since 1985 now and I feel a really good, deep connection with it.

During that period I was also reading palms, runes, astrology charts, and I-Ching, though over the years I’ve only really kept on the tarot as it seemed the most popular with family, friends, and the occasional client.