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The Naseby Horses

Caravan of the Lost and Left Behind

Caravan of the Lost and Left Behind
Caravan of the Lost and Left Behind.
Bluemoose Books

Eva and her son Torin have to leave London and move back to Ireland. Eva to find the daughter she left behind and Torin from a life that was threatening his freedom. It is about dislocation and becoming unanchored and the need for a home and belonging and the disturbance when you’re wrenched out of your environment.

Eva takes her teenage son Torin away from petty crime and gang violence in London to the safest place she knows: her father’s caravan in Ireland. Eva hopes to stay and find the daughter she left behind but Torin, rootless, can’t settle there.





Feeding Time

Feeding Time
Feeding Time
Galley Beggar Press
CHOSEN by The Observer as a Fiction Pick for 2016, Feeding Time is a debut like no other: a blast of rage against the dying of the light.

Dot is losing the will to live.

Tristan is sick of emptying bedpans.

Cornish spends entire days barricaded in his office.

And Ruggles… well. Ruggles is damn well going to escape those Nazi villains and get back to active duty.

The mix is all the more combustible since Dot, Tristan, Cornish and Ruggles are all under the same roof – that of a rapidly declining old people’s home called Green Oaks. There’s going to be an explosion. It’s going to be messy. And nobody knows who will pick up the pieces.



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