Handcrafted CSS

Dan Cederholm, Ethan Marcotte. Pearson Education. (240p) ISBN 9780321643384
Handcrafted CSS
Handcrafted CSS

I bought this when it was first published and though it is a great book, it is still just static information describing an ever-changing and fluid landscape though and I’ve always thought that learning information like this should be learned online where it can be updated frequently.

Even after all that though this book was informative, clear and well written, the sections lead you through various examples of CSS to help the reader develop rich and flexible designs.

Whilst it lasted this was one of my go-to books for CSS and design, but I no longer get books on anything to do with Internet languages and design as there are more than enough resources online to help, and these resources aren’t static in the way of a print book.

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