Sarah Ann Juckes. Penguin Random House. (288p) ISBN: 9780241330753

Ele lives Inside with The Others and is visited by Him, but dreams of The Outside which she only knows from a few books that are in The Tower with them.

A tale of abuse, horror, fear, and redemption. Sarah Ann Juckes takes this tale into dark places that made it very difficult to read at times but Ele is such a strong character with a unique voice, I had to keep returning to it to find out what she did yet.

Ele sees The Outside through completely naive eyes and approaches everything with an innocent wonder that you begin to see our world through her eyes afresh.

Compelling story telling with a completely unexpected plot twist at the end.

Don’t miss out on this if you liked ‘Room’.

Release date: 3rd January 2019

Published by Penguin Books

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