The Mystery of the Colour Thief
The Mystery of the Colour Thief
The Mystery of the Colour Thief

In The Mystery of the Colour Thief Izzy is beset by a lot of problems in this story, her mum is in a coma in the hospital after a car crash that she feels is her fault, her dad is not coping at all, and her best friend, Lou, is shunning her for others.

This is a wonderfully written book on the feelings of a 12 year old whose world has turned upside down and is trying to stay in control of it.

This is achieved in the end through the help of a new friend, Tom, and in helping a weak cygnet gain strength and live.

There is also the problem of all the colour draining from a mural on her bedroom wall, removed by a shadowy figure who appears in the night.

A story of guilt, loss, grief, friendship, bullying, and hope.

I also have to say I loved the illustrated dust cover on the hardback edition which was made by Sophie Gilmore.

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