Smashing It^

ed Sabrina Mahfouz. The Westbourne Press. (240p) ISBN 9781908906403

Smashing It
Smashing It
Smashing It was brought from Norwich by my partner who bought it at The Book Hive (we have a lovely little loyalty card now), she knows I love independent bookshops and always tries to buy at least a card from them, and she knows I have difficulty believing in my own voice because of my past.

I’ve read a couple of books recently about how being brought up working-class affects life chances throughout the rest of your life, opportunities, decisions, relationships with people and money, self belief, and so many other aspects of life.

Sabrina Mahfouz brings together a chorus of voices from working-class backgrounds and lets them tell their stories, all of which are inspiring and also make me angry. Inspiring to see what careers and art people have carved out despite, and angry that it is still despite.

The idea of support within networks is the best idea ever, growing and nurturing networks of like people. Supporting and encouraging each other whilst also showing and providing opportunities for others as currently society is stacked against those from the lower echelons of the embedded class system.

The final chapter about applying for grants is also one of the most useful explanations I’ve seen to enter the world of grants, thanks!

Excellent and inspiring, another book that stays on my heaving book shelves.

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