Urban Arboreal

Michael Jordan. Aurum Press. (160p) ISBN 9781781317419

Urban Arboreal
Urban Arboreal
I absolutely love books about nature, especially about trees, and when the opportunity arose that I could get a review copy of this book I jumped at it.

Last year I had read ‘Around the World in 80 Trees’ and this is a similar concept, though only looking at trees that share our urban environment.

Each tree surveyed in Urban Arboreal has a couple of pages, one for some text and the other for beautiful illustrations. These illustrations aren’t scientific and give a feeling of the tree rather than a pure visual index and are all the better for it.

The text, though brief due to the format, is interesting and informative. Letting you know the history of the tree and whereabout in the city is the best place to still find striking examples of the species.

Overall a lovely little book which has found it’s place onto my shelves with my other nature books.

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