Five Rivers Met on a Wooded Plain

Barney Norris. Transworld. (288p) ISBN: 9781784161354

Five Rivers Met on a Wooded Plain
Five Rivers Met on a Wooded Plain
Before I started working as a bookseller for Waterstones I would never have contemplated reading a book such as Five Rivers Met on a Wooded Plain.

I would have looked at the blurb and thought ‘why would I want to read a story about real lives intertwining?’ I was far more interested in magic, dragons, spaceships and lasers, quite a limited reading pool really.

This was one of our books of the month and I’m trying to read beyond my normal genres, so I opted to read this.

I was captivated, the rambling nature of the books echoed that of rivers and their tributaries, the simplicity and paucity of language used cut the experiences down to their essentials.

Before I knew it I had finished the book, but was pleased that I had found more genres to read and thank Barney Norris for introducing me to them.

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