Children of Blood and Bone

Tomi Adeyemi. Pan Macmillan. (544p) ISBN 9781509871353

Children of Blood and Bones
Children of Blood and Bones
There has been so much hype about Children of Blood and Bones that I was a bit leery about starting it just in case it disappointed.

I needn’t have worried as from the start of the book Tomi develops a set of characters and world that is both fantastically exciting and believable. The world draws from east-African traditions and culture and is all the richer for it. The originality of the story in the fantasy genre really sets it apart.

Set in a world of prejudice, fear and hate where magic users are feared and hated, their families have been slaughtered and oppressed by the current King.

Zélie mother was one such magician, through the book Zélie has to come to terms with her history and magic. She is assisted by a cast of characters that are as fully-fledged as she is, some coming from the camp of the enemy. This often brings emotional tension to the fore and this tension is as well-explored as the magic and adventure.

A well-paced fantasy adventure that I just didn’t want to put down, and please believe the hype.

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