Return to Wonderland^

various. Pan Macmillan. (240p) ISBN 9781529006858

Return to Wonderland
Return to Wonderland
Return to Wonderland sees some of my favourite childrens authors take their look at C.S. Lewis’ Wonderland and add their twist.

The collection is strong throughout, not one weak story in here. From Peter Bunzl’s story of a shapeshifter baby, through to Amy Wilson’s dreamy and quite threatening story about the Caterpillar I enjoyed them all.

Though one stands out for me in the fact that I will never forgive Patrice Lawrence for using a whole story about feuding families of Hedgehogs and Flamingoes to set up one of the corniest punchlines ever in the history of short story telling.

I enjoyed reading this collection so much I lost track of time in the same way as I did when I first read the Alice books; funny, a wee bit frightening in places, and definitely so well written.

I was gifted this collection as an advance reader copy but bought the finished product as soon as I was able (and another copy for my niece).

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