A Winter’s Promise

Christelle Dabos. Europa Editions (UK) Ltd. (492p) ISBN 9781787701809
A Winter's Promise
A Winter’s Promise

The cover image along with the brief blurb in the Bookseller already had me intrigued about A Winter’s Promise and when it came available to read I jumped at the chance.

Set in a distant past the world has been shattered in a cataclysm called the Rupture and the world now consists of floating islands (called Arks) with different families and and their skills.

The main protagonist, Ophelia is a strongly written character with intelligence and curiosity. These traits are so needed in this intriguing and complex book.

The landscapes that are described are rich in detail, history and make you want to delve into them more (luckily this is the first of four books set in this world).

The fantastical and magical elements of the story are so tied to each other and all other parts of the world which makes it all so believable.

This is an extremely successful book in France already and I see it doing really well here as well.

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