The Hollow Gods

A.J. Vrana. The Parliament House. (430p) ISBN 9781733386807

The Hollow Gods
The Hollow Gods
Based in current day North America, it follows Kai, Miya, and Mason as they uncover and unravel the mythology of the Dreamwalker and the cycle of missing girls.

The main characters are introduced early on and motivations are made clear from the start though as the weaving of the characters and story progresses these motivations become more unclear and tangled.

A lot of good world building to support the mythology that is being developed as this is the first of a duology, but by no means does this feel unfinished an waiting for the second book.

A play on some of the usual fantasy/horror tropes that has worked well. Wolves, ravens, dream states, all wind together and build to a great conclusion.

Well-paced and gripping for most of the book, it took me a day and a half to finish.

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