To Kill a Kingdom

Alexandra Christo. Hot Key Books. (368p) ISBN 9781471407390

To Kill a Kingdom

To Kill a Kingdom

Follow Lira and Elian in a adventure through Alexandra Christo’s fully-developed fantasy world which is based on a lot of different fairy tales and myths but does seem to loan heavily from Greek mythology.

There is also the romance where the participants are from either side of the battle, so has a little feeling of Romeo and Juliet in it. The questioning of family loyalties as the romance and feelings for one another blossom.

There are pirates, sirens, mermaids (some not that little) and a host of other characters to keep the interest piqued throughout the book.

Alexandra explores love and redemption and the role of the reluctant killer, but in the end this is a well-paced adventure with a love story at the heart of it.

A great Young Adult book with lots to offer different readers; adventure, pirates, and romance.

Looking forward to a follow up for To Kill a Kingdom.

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