A few walks in Darlington
A few walks in Darlington “© OpenStreetMap contributors”

We’ve been doing variants of this walk for a couple of years before last March but not really doing the full walk. We decided to explore it a bit more during lockdown to see where it all went (there are other bits to add but I’ll add these to other maps since they go off the edges of this map.

This walk is describing the path highlighted in green, the red and blue paths are alternative extensions or shortcuts.

This walk usually logs in at six miles and is so green and full of bird song.

  • The walk is started at Nunnery Lane surgery (1) and follows all the way down Nunnery Lane and when you get to. Wilton Drive (2) look for the public bridleway and cross onto it.
  • Follow the bridleway crossing Edinburgh Drive (3) and Ettersgill Drive (3) to make your way to the Water Treatment Plant.
  • Turn to the left following the fence all the way to the beck then follow this until you get to Coniscliffe Road (5) turn to your right along past Baydale Beck Inn, and if it’s a Wednesday-Sunday between 8:30am to 2pm make sure you get something to eat at Harvey’s Event Catering in the layby totally recommend the halloumi fries and the poutine, some of the best food in Darlington.
  • Once you’ve had something to eat walk past and turn right at the public bridleway sign, this takes you down a farm track that eventually runs alongside a beck. Follow this until you come to a small steel bridge across the beck(6) .
  • Cross the bridge and then turn left once out the bit of woodland this follows a path alongside Baydale Beck once more and goes on the levee until you get to Staindrop Road (7), turn right back into town. Follow Staindrop Road until you can cross into Cocker Beck park.
  • Go through the park and follow round to the playground, then go up the path to Newton Lane, turn right and go down to Cockerton Green and on to the shops.
  • Continue on past the shops, and on to the Woodland Road round about, turn right to the Carmel Road North round about and follow Carmel Road North until you get back to Nunnery Lane surgery.

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