The Last Children of Tokyo
Yoko Tawada. Granta Books. (144p) ISBN 9781846276705
The Last Children of Tokyo
The Last Children of Tokyo

The Last Children of Tokyo another book that I saw on the trolley as I was shelving and was instantly fascinated by the cover.

It also fits in with my goal of reading more books which weren’t originally written in English.

Looking at a world in the near future, set in the Tokyo of this world, older people aren’t dying but the young aren’t thriving, though it is always unclear whether or not the children are evolving or just getting more and more fragile.

Yoko Tawada’s prose is beautifully sparse but explores the characters so vividly, it brings Yoshiro sharply to life with all his dreams, reminiscences and worries.

An exploration of family life in a future Japan set against an environmental disaster could have been sensational but we are treated to a warm and compassionate look at the intricacies of a shattered family and all their frailties.

Translated by Margaret Mitsutani, and it feels with a light and loving touch.

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