Embassy of the Dead

Will Mabbitt. Hachette. (272p) ISBN 9781510104556

Embassy of the Dead
Embassy of the Dead
Embassy of the Dead is a story of a misunderstanding, but a misunderstanding that drags Jake Green into the Embassy of the Dead in a race against time and could cost him his life.

From the start this is a fast-paced adventure with a lot of humour and spookiness, with a great central character who seems constantly confused at the start but really shines by the end of the story.

Jake is assisted by a couple of great supporting, but ghostly, characters.

Will Mabbitt’s world beyond the veil is a well thought out and executed alternative and it gels together throughout, the bureaucracy of the afterlife is so British and harks back to things like Monty Python and other classic comedies.

I’m really looking forward to other books in this world, as things may have been defeated, but…

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