The Girl of Ink and Stars

Kiran Millwood Hargrave. Chicken House. (240p) ISBN 9781910002742

The Girl of Ink and Stars
The Girl of Ink and Stars
In ‘The Girl of Ink & Stars’, Kiran creates a believable world inhabited by believable characters.

The story starts as though it is going to be historical fiction set on an island in an imaginary tropical ocean, but as it progresses the mystical side of the island and their inhabitants start to develop.

A convincing mythology develops as the book grows on you, gently and from under your skin, until you’re immersed in Isabella’s world. The magic feels real in the same way that Philip Pullman developed his magic in ‘His Dark Materials’, not overbearing and flashy but part of the world that you are reading about, normal.

The book is about Isabella’s journey to find her lost friend in a forbidden jungle, not only exploring the jungle but her islands past and coming to some fascinating discoveries.

Chicken House have again excelled in producing a beautiful product, with a wonderful cover by Helen Crawford-White, maps and small illustrations on each page, all which add to the reading experience.

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