Kid Normal and the Rogue Heroes
29th June 2021

Kid Normal and the Rogue Heroes

By Stephen
Greg James, Chris Smith. Bloomsbury. (416p) ISBN 9781408884553

Kid Normal and the Rogue Heroes

Kid Normal and the Rogue Heroes

In Kid Normal and the Rogue Heroes we follow Murph, Hilda, Nellie, Mary and Billy in the continuing adventures of the Super Zeroes against an even greater danger than that wasp guy, you know the one.

Another well written and funny book by Greg James and Chris Smith showing that heroes don’t need superpowers to be true heroes, and friends.

The action kicks off right from the start as the Super Zeroes continue working for the Heroes’ Alliance in solving crimes and it shows them working together well as a team. Relying on, and helping each other through their missions.

We see the return of some favourites and see how they develop, filling out some back-story and building their characters a bit more.

I really love the asides from the authors that pepper the story so generously, they mostly add to the pace and keep you on your toes.

Another cracking, author-asiding, cape-less adventure for Murph and the Zeroes, battling a truly evil supervillian and one not so evil sidekick (mainkick and his sidekick).

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