The Girl with the Shark’s Teeth

Cerrie Burnell. Oxford University Press. (240p) ISBN: 9780192767547

The Girl with the Shark's Teeth
The Girl with the Shark’s Teeth
I’ve read and enjoyed some of Cerrie Burnell’s book for younger readers (as have the younger people that I read them with and to) and was looking forward to reading this Middle Grade outing.

The adventure in The Girl with the Shark’s Teeth centres around Minnow’s search for her mother who has been taken whilst protecting her, but Minnow doesn’t know who she was being protected from or why.

Along the way she enlists the help of Raife, a young ice-diver from Iceland, and her grandmother who lives in Reykjavik. With their help she discovers her own gifts and secrets that had been hidden.

The world of the Wild Deep is a magical place, full of mythical creatures and the secrets of the oceans, and this is where Minnow must travel to to rescue her mum.

Beautiful world building, mysterious creatures, dashing adventure, firm friendships, and much more make this an exciting read from start to finish

And what is really good? I can see this world being expanded to follow the adventures of Mercy and Minnow further, with some side adventures from Raife exploring his story.

Perfect for those that love a magical adventure with a strong girl protagonist, if you liked ‘The Ice Sea Pirates’ by Frida Nilsson you will love this.

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