The Hunt

The Hunt
The Hunt
Flicking through NOW TV looking for a shortish film to watch and I came across The Hunt which has such a silly premise it sounded as though it would be a fun watch.

Twelve strangers are kidnapped and taken to The Manor to be hunted for sport, they all have one thing in common though.

The liberal elite hate them.

I really liked The Hunger Game nod at the start of the action sequences, it was also good that the film kept playing with your expectation of who was going to be the main protagonist, knocking them off just as you thought ‘Them! It must be them.’

Some really good action sequences throughout, not as bloody as I thought it was going to be from the main poster and the fact that it was labelled as horror but still really enjoyable.

Betty Gilpin was excellent in the action role, the character was cartoonish but at times that’s all you need, especially late at night.

The end fight was well choreographed with some really funny bits peppered into it.

Well worth a bit of a brain-free watch, high on action low on blood.

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