Sarah Moss. Pan Macmillan. (208p) ISBN: 9781529035476

I tried to read this during the middle of the biggest reading slump I’ve ever had and just couldn’t, and after reading it in two sittings this time I really should have tried harder.

A brilliantly realised character study of several families and their motivations during a summer holiday to log cabins in the Scottish Highland on the edge of a loch where it will just not stop raining.

This sounds way too simplistic for such a well realised novel, each study has a grain of darkness sitting there waiting to be discovered, each grain has you wondering where this will take you. There is also a thread of almost mysticism running though each persons thoughts and ambitions.

The Ballad of Semmerwater’ is also quite important to the book, so if you haven’t read this it’s always worth a read, though not essential it gives a feel for the creeping build up of tensions.

There were several ways I thought the book would end but wasn’t prepared for the ending and exactly how dark it was.

If you enjoy books that explore the inner workings of people, sketch out their psychological depths, especially amid current circumstances you will love this book.

I’m now going to have to search out other Sarah Moss books to read them.

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