London Falling

Paul Cornell. Pan Macmillan. (416p) ISBN 9780330528092

London Falling
London Falling
I’ve had London Falling on my Kindle for absolutely ages, probably a good six years, but I’ve just started up on Audible and chose this as my first book because of Damian Lynch’s narration.

I’m so glad I’ve started listening to it, three days is all it took to listen to the whole book, getting more and more excited as the story got darker and darker.

This is a brilliant romp through a dark supernatural London and the powers that inhabit it, the first of a trilogy and I’m so looking forward to reading the other two (which I do actually have on my shelf).

Quill, Costain, Sefton, and Ross make up a small police team after acquiring ‘The Sight’ which lets them see and sense the supernatural and mystical side of the world when the main suspect in their first investigation is slaughtered in front of Quill in the interview room.

Each one takes this differently and becomes part of the new supernatural world on their own terms, though as we get to the end of the book there is an extra tension added which raised the stakes personally for the team.

I love this style of Urban Fantasy, especially the darker ones like this. There is a good bit of procedural action in this whilst weaving a really believable mythology that drags the story forward at such a pace that it becomes breakneck.

Looking forward to rest of the series.

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