The Little Grey Girl

Celine Kiernan. Walker Books. (224p) ISBN 9781406373929

The Little Grey Girl
The Little Grey Girl
The Little Grey Girl is the second in Celine Kiernan’s Wild Magic Trilogy and, if anything, is scarier than the first.

Again I was hooked from page one, following this new adventure of Mup and her family in Witches Borough. The evil witch has departed but what has been left behind?

While Mum is trying to sort the Kingdom out and deal with all the conflicting needs and complications from a sudden power vacuum, the ghosts of the past rise from the dark depths of the castle to enact their revenge.

The darkness threatens to overwhelm all who are in the castle and Mup is pushed to her limits to deal with it to save her family and Kingdom.

Dark and haunting with some wonderfully creepy scenes, this is another great book by Celine Kiernan, so looking forward to the next instalment.

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