Neal Schusterman. Walker Books. (448p) ISBN 9781406379242

Scythe is set not far into our(?) future where death has been conquered. Want to look and feel 21? Get your body clock set so you are physically younger than your grandchildren.

Science and society have progressed to such a stage that there are no famines or diseases, massive injuries can be healed, small injuries and pain are monitored by nanites and repaired or dulled.

There is one problem, population growth. With a finite space, it was decided that technology shouldn’t be the arbiter of death but people should have that responsibility and burden.

This is a well-crafted utopia with a deep twist, Neal Shusterman explores the moral conundrums that develop when people are given the ultimate responsibility, and what depths or heights the human can achieve under those pressures.

The main characters are so believable, the moral turpitude of some of them shows what could happen if this was real.

Thunderhead has just been released and I had to get myself a copy before it hit the table in the shop this first book was so good.

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