Mirror Magic
Claire Fayers. Pan Macmillan. (304p) ISBN 9781509870066

Mirror Magic
Mirror Magic
Magic in mirrors, alternative worlds, doorways through mirrors. All these topics had me so interested in this book when it arrived.

I wasn’t disappointed, Mirror Magic was read in a day. Funny, fresh and exciting!

Claire’s world is one set in the late 19th century where our world has separated from the magic a few hundred years in the past and the only link are Mirrors.

The mystery and magic develops through the book when Ava returns after the death of her father and discovers a lot about herself and this new (to her world). Inextricably linked to Unworld by a bargain sealed years ago, Ava is the key to both worlds salvation or destruction.

I would love to see this world developed further.

A compelling read, always wanting to find out what happened next, make sure you get your copy soon.

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