The Price Guide to the Occult

Leslye Walton. Walker Books. (288p) ISBN 9781406373509

The Price Guide to the Occult
The Price Guide to the Occult
I am just so shallow that it was the cover that sold The Price Guide to the Occult to me.

But it was worth it, The Price Guide to the Occult tells the story of Rona Blackburn and her descendants who live on Anathema Island. There is a family curse on the island and the witches that have descended from Rona, which sets limits on powers an individual can have.

Nor is unusual, to find out how read the book ;), but once the book ‘The Price Guide to the Occult’ is published she also finds out how different her own mother is.

Magic comes with a price, not just money and some don’t know that they are the ones that are going to pay it.

The tension develops throughout the book, building up to a great ending. Another world I’m really hoping will be developed further.

Keep an eye out for this on 6th September 2018, a great addition to the witchy genre.

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