How to be a Hero

Cat Weldon. Pan Macmillan. (256p) ISBN 9781529045031

How to be a Hero
How to be a Hero
I received this from Pan Macmillan at the end of last year in exchange for a review, the way time has been going recently that feels like an absolute age ago.

How to be a Hero follows the (mis)adventures of Whetstone (a useless thief and an orphan) and Lotta (a pretty poor trainee Valkyrie) in a fast-paced, comedic tromp all over what we know of Norse Mythology

There are gigantic Vikings chasing Whetstone when he does eventually steal something, a giant dragon chasing Whetstone when he goes looking for the thing he stole, a Norse God chasing him to try and get what he’s stolen. There’s a lot of chasing going on.

There are plenty of mud and smelly jokes for the whole family, and Cat’s particular take on Viking history and personalities is hilarious.

As the mystery of what is going on unfolds we are taken through various aspects of Norse mythology, talking about various realms, gods, and denizens who could all become part of the story as it develops in the next two instalments still to come of this fun trilogy.

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