The Time of Green Magic

Hilary McKay. Pan Macmillan. (224p) ISBN 9781529019247

The Time of Green Magic
The Time of Green Magic
I was really lucky to get a proof copy of The Time of Green Magic from Macmillan as I really loved The Skylarks’ War and was looking forward to this.

When Theo and Polly met Abi’s life went through some big changes, two families blended, and she didn’t have her dad Theo all to herself anymore. More than that though she also had Max and Louis, two new stepbrothers to share everything with.

When they move into a mysterious ivy-clad new house for the extra space, mysterious happenings start to haunt them.

Shadows throughout the house and a mysterious visitor makes for a magical mysterious adventure with a real hint of danger.

Themes of change, growth, and familial love give this book a wonderful magical depth that needed a couple of read throughs to get everything out of it.

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